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Continuing a long-standing annual tradition, today we publish our list of the most popular torrent sites at the start of 2024. Ranked by traffic estimates, we see that YTS remains on top, closely followed by 1337x and anime torrent site NYAA. TorrentGalaxy continues its rapid rise, ending up in fourth place.


YTS remains at the top of the list in 2024, as the torrent indexer continues to draw millions of visitors per day.

That’s quite an achievement considering the legal troubles the site has faced in the past, plus the fact that it only features movies.

The annual list of popular torrent sites remains largely unchanged. There are a few positional changes, but the list almost entirely consists of the same names as last year.

There is one unavoidable newcomer, following the closure of RARBG. While some RARBG knockoffs came close, the vacant spot is filled by a familiar name, LimeTorrents, which made a comeback after being absent last year

We have limited the list to globally available English-language torrent sites, which means that sites such as,,, and are not included, even though they have substantial traffic numbers.

Finally, we have to stress that the yearly ranking is based on single domain names. If proxy sites and alternative domains were taken into account, The Pirate Bay and others would rank higher.

Below is the full list of the top ten most-visited torrent site domains at the start of the new year. The list is based on various traffic reports. Please note that this list is created as a historical record, to keep track of the popularity of these sites over time. We also publish an annual VPN privacy review.

We do not recommend or endorse using any of these sites. Some are known to link to malicious ads, at least incidentally. BitTorrent technology itself is not illegal but may only be used to share content with permission from the rightsholder.

Top 10 Torrent Sites of 2024
The Pirate Bay
FitGirl Repacks
Skidrow & Reloaded

YTS logo is the unofficial successor of the defunct YTS or YIFY group, which shut down a few years ago.

YTS has been the target of several lawsuits in the U.S. over the past few years. The operator signed a consent judgment and agreed to hand over user data to rightsholders. As a result, several YTS users received settlement requests or were sued instead.

Last year #1

2. 1337x
1337x logoIn 2024, 1337x retains its spot in the top three. Unlike some other sites, it has a dedicated group of uploaders and bots that provide fresh content daily.

1337x offers a wide variety of torrents. The site banned official YTS releases after the above-mentioned controversy.

Last year #2

NYAA is a popular resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA. While there is fierce competition from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal continues to do well, climbing two positions compared to last year.

Last year #3

4. TorrentGalaxy
tgxLaunched a little over five years ago, TorrentGalaxy is a relative newcomer. It has a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community. In addition to torrents, TorrentGalaxy also makes some releases available for streaming.

Last year #10


5. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay logoAfter celebrating its 20th anniversary a few months ago The Pirate Bay has now dropped to the fifth spot.

The Pirate Bay continues to operate from its .org domain but is also available through many proxies. If all proxy domains were counted, the notorious torrent site would still battle for the first spot in this list.

Last year #4

6. FitGirl Repacks
fitgirl repacks logoFitGirl Repacks is by no means a traditional torrent site. It is the home of a popular repacker who releases slimmed-down cracked versions of popular games, which keeps download times to a minimum.

FitGirl, who we interviewed in 2020, publishes torrents on other sites too but also offers magnet links of their own, which is why we included the site here.

Last year 6

7. Skidrow & RELOADED
skidrowSkidrow and RELOADED are two iconic game-cracking groups. This likely served as inspiration for the people running, which is a blog-style release site featuring popular game releases.

The site’s X account has been banned, but the domain itself remains online, keeping the seventh spot after last year’s debut.

Last year #7

EZTV is a controversial TV-torrent distribution group that hijacked the EZTV brand from the original group, which was forced to shut down soon after.

The site still has some decent traffic, mostly from loyal TV-show followers who haven’t jumped on the streaming bandwagon.

Last year #9

8. LimeTorrents
limetorrents logoLimeTorrents has been around since 2009. Like many other entries in this list, it is blocked by ISPs in countries around the world, which seems to hurt overall traffic somewhat. It dropped out of the top 10 last year but made a comeback in 2024

Last year #NA

iggDue to IGG-Games’ popularity, another gaming-focused site is listed in this year’s Top 10. IGG-Games has made headlines on a few occasions and continues to draw in millions of monthly visitors

Last year #8

Disclaimer: We use various data checks, including reports from Similarweb. Proxies and clear copycats of working sites are excluded. Please keep in mind that many sites have mirrors or alternative domains, which are often not taken into account here. The yearly list is published as an informational / news resource.

Robotech 1080P



Based off zerocool’s BDremuxes

The source is incredibly noisy/grainy, which AV1 handles fine with the right options.

AV1 main profile 0 1440×1080@10bit, crf 27
Audio (English):
Original Broadcast Audio (mono) – Opus 96kbit
5.1 Remaster Audio – Opus 128kbit

Macross Saga(1-36):

ffmpeg -i [infile] -c:v libaom-av1 -crf 27 -cpu-used 3 -row-mt 0 -b:v 0 -auto-alt-ref 1 -vf crop=1440:1080:240:0,format=yuv420p10le -an -strict -2 -denoise-noise-level 50 -pass 1 -passlogfile [logifle] -f null /dev/null -threads 16
ffmpeg -i [infile] -c:v libaom-av1 -crf 27 -cpu-used 3 -row-mt 0 -b:v 0 -auto-alt-ref 1 -vf crop=1440:1080:240:0,format=yuv420p10le -an -strict -2 -denoise-noise-level 50 -pass 2 -passlogfile [logifle] [outfile] -threads 2

Masters and New Generation:

ffmpeg -i [infile] -c:v libsvtav1 -crf 27 -preset 2 -svtav1-params tune=2:film-grain=50:film-grain-denoise=1:enable-overlays=1:scd=1:scm=2:enable-tf=0:lookahead=120:pin=0:lp=8 -vf crop=1440:1080:240:0,format=yuv420p10le -map 0 -c:a libopus -b:a:0 96k -b:a:1 128k -metadata:s:a:0 title="Original Broadcast Mix" -metadata:s:a:1 title="Remastered 5.1 Mix" -c:s copy [outfile] -threads 10

[2ndfire] Robotech – 01 – Boobytrap [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][0DD4439F].mkv 538.31 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 02 – Countdown [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F44D82E4].mkv 541.37 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 03 – Space Fold [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][D01F502C].mkv 612.28 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 04 – The Long Wait [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][2E2F618D].mkv 1.05 GB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 05 – Transformation [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F7D1D07A].mkv 494.24 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 06 – Blitzkrieg [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][12C3129C].mkv 554.39 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 07 – Bye-bye Mars [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][35E57B8E].mkv 1.39 GB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 08 – Sweet Sixteen [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][DE61786A].mkv 563.80 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 09 – Miss Macross [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][E4B44F6F].mkv 512.42 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 10 – Blind Game [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][3F734718].mkv 454.33 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 11 – First Contact [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][C9426E6D].mkv 341.89 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 12 – The Big Escape [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][DF436C47].mkv 474.23 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 13 – Blue Wind [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][BF7848E4].mkv 493.24 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 14 – Gloval’s Report [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][59123A96].mkv 394.87 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 15 – Homecoming [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][8E12DE2B].mkv 400.89 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 16 – Battle Cry [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][124086AE].mkv 422.50 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 17 – Phantasm [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][037B9630].mkv 455.10 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 18 – Farewell, Big Brother [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][13D86FBF].mkv 400.16 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 19 – Burst Point [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][77C83828].mkv 506.32 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 20 – Paradise Lost [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][297C7030].mkv 324.82 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 21 – A New Dawn [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F1374104].mkv 325.90 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 22 – Battle Hymn [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][B7638362].mkv 419.58 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 23 – Reckless [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][77420945].mkv 391.10 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 24 – Showdown [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][3BEAE77D].mkv 367.90 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 25 – Wedding Bells [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][995618F5].mkv 426.54 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 26 – The Messenger [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][53DF100B].mkv 383.29 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 27 – Force of Arms [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F09E6655].mkv 477.97 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 28 – Reconstruction Blues [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][30CEC3C0].mkv 572.70 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 29 – The Robotech Masters [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][3A36BF4C].mkv 464.31 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 30 – Viva Miriya [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][DDC9B196].mkv 416.66 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 31 – Khyron’s Revenge [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][ADD6DEE0].mkv 641.80 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 32 – Broken Heart [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][33DD1489].mkv 482.22 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 33 – A Rainy Night [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][0B3FDECA].mkv 521.14 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 34 – Private Time [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][C38B4DF7].mkv 567.52 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 35 – Season’s Greetings [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][27811F38].mkv 640.96 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 36 – To the Stars [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][E61FDC3F].mkv 629.85 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 37 – Dana’s Story [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][AFAA42F6].mkv 430.12 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 38 – Prisoner [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][BD71AB3A].mkv 537.81 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 39 – Makeup [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][4E77C9C3].mkv 516.25 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 40 – Star Angel [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][13342680].mkv 415.21 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 41 – Half Moon [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][30DFFA74].mkv 341.25 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 42 – Trouble City [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][057258BF].mkv 438.27 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 43 – Prelude [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F3367294].mkv 415.98 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 44 – Labyrinth [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][97C97627].mkv 548.65 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 45 – Metal Fire [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][3D4C372B].mkv 440.11 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 46 – Stardust [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][EB889775].mkv 258.79 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 47 – Outsider [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][E639A38D].mkv 437.95 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 48 – Deja Vu [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][9E4DD948].mkv 292.90 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 49 – Lost Memory [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][00F628C4].mkv 278.31 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 50 – Triple Mirror [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][5BB1F863].mkv 504.17 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 51 – Iron Lady [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][AE5DDDA0].mkv 299.37 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 52 – Love Story [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][78523C27].mkv 312.28 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 53 – Hunter Killer [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][916DF8D2].mkv 436.35 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 54 – Bio Psycher [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][DAA70D68].mkv 505.85 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 55 – Wonderland [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][032DB020].mkv 480.87 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 56 – Crisis [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][39DB960A].mkv 329.94 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 57 – Daydream [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][FEABE207].mkv 329.55 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 58 – Nightmare [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][D1F12384].mkv 424.92 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 59 – Catastrophe [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][763542E6].mkv 356.74 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 60 – Genesis [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][70104CF7].mkv 365.19 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 61 – Prelude to the Offensive [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][4F8DA947].mkv 415.49 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 62 – The Broken-Hearted Girl’s March [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][2EBA3AB3].mkv 688.30 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 63 – Showdown Concert at High Noon [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][578038E5].mkv 503.82 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 64 – Survival Song Feeling [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][63665D4D].mkv 360.05 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 65 – Live Inn Plunder Operation [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][3B0A9BAA].mkv 358.95 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 66 – Support Girl Blues [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][4F169D02].mkv 319.83 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 67 – Fallen Hero’s Ragtime [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][2D6A477B].mkv 286.13 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 68 – Jonathan’s Elegy [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][149496BE].mkv 304.96 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 69 – Lost World Fugue [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][5055EEBD].mkv 429.95 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 70 – Requiem of the Battlefield [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][E9125989].mkv 548.38 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 71 – Lullaby of Distant Hope [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][CC54F684].mkv 343.53 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 72 – Fortress Breakthrough Boogie [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F171D2DF].mkv 415.36 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 73 – Sandstorm Playback [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][22D138A2].mkv 316.63 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 74 – Mint’s Wedding March [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][7008D00B].mkv 497.13 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 75 – The Ballad of Breaking Up [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][67F0D4A0].mkv 412.60 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 76 – Trap Reggae [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][F026024D].mkv 296.85 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 77 – White Night Serenade [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][722E2B15].mkv 431.46 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 78 – The Nature of Old Soldier’s Polka [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][A8BAAC4C].mkv 484.59 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 79 – Forte of the Glacier City [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][9C04F897].mkv 433.02 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 80 – Birthday Song of the Night Sky [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][4D8A83DB].mkv 272.54 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 81 – Arpeggio of Murder [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][77D7125D].mkv 377.06 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 82 – New York Bebop [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][871F7329].mkv 305.86 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 83 – Black Hair’s Partita [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][B197FD0A].mkv 247.26 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 84 – The Dark Finale [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][395D821E].mkv 247.69 MB
[2ndfire] Robotech – 85 – Symphony of Light [BD][AV1][10bit][Opus][AA1C19D9].mkv 308.83 MB

Robotech Bluray

Robotech season 1 bluray remux with original mono audio



Happy aids appreciation month everyone!

Now as you may or may not know i dont really care im going to tell you weebs regardless, in the mid 2000s when ADV helped harmony gold remaster the series they did a new 5.1 sound mix AND re inserted some of the more risque scenes like minmay’s ass that didnt need new dialog recorded but just extended music. As such the original broadcast audio from the legacy set dvds will not sync with it without splitting up the audio and inserting the new background music. Which is exactly what I did. also the original audio went in and out of sync even on the original broadcast masters, good job 1980’s audio mixers. I didnt really mess with that because it was the artistic intent doncha know. so the original mono track here will also go in and out of sync. if you dont like it stop being a woman hating furry/incel and fix it yourself. 🙂

video source: robotech bluray complete collection

audio sources: robotech legacy collection and the 5.1 ac3 core from the bluray so you can experience both mixes

Now in honor of this most holy of months please enjoy.

I may or may not upload seasons 2 and 3 that may take more time than i care about for giving out free shit when i could be playing video games or at the shooting range practicing for stuff. but dont be a harassing assfuck to anyone 😉

And remember, if your anus is too destroyed after celebrating, prosthetic anus replacement surgery does exist. But then again so does duct tape.




robotech celebraidstion


 Robotech.S01E01.mkv 4.86 GB
 Robotech.s01e02.mkv 4.85 GB
 Robotech.s01e03.mkv 4.83 GB
 Robotech.s01e04.mkv 4.86 GB
 Robotech.s01e05.mkv 4.78 GB
 Robotech.s01e06.mkv 4.88 GB
 Robotech.s01e07.mkv 4.83 GB
 Robotech.s01e08.mkv 4.89 GB
 Robotech.s01e09.mkv 4.74 GB
 Robotech.s01e10.mkv 4.79 GB
 Robotech.s01e11.mkv 4.64 GB
 Robotech.s01e12.mkv 4.89 GB
 Robotech.s01e13.mkv 4.77 GB
 Robotech.s01e14.mkv 4.72 GB
 Robotech.s01e15.mkv 4.79 GB
 Robotech.s01e16.mkv 4.81 GB
 Robotech.s01e17.mkv 4.86 GB
 Robotech.s01e18.mkv 4.80 GB
 Robotech.s01e19.mkv 4.81 GB
 Robotech.s01e20.mkv 4.76 GB
 Robotech.s01e21.mkv 4.75 GB
 Robotech.s01e22.mkv 4.80 GB
 Robotech.s01e23.mkv 4.82 GB
 Robotech.s01e24.mkv 4.86 GB
 Robotech.s01e25.mkv 4.86 GB
 Robotech.s01e26.mkv 4.89 GB
 Robotech.s01e27.mkv 4.92 GB
 Robotech.s01e28.mkv 4.87 GB
 Robotech.s01e29.mkv 4.82 GB
 Robotech.s01e30.mkv 4.73 GB
 Robotech.s01e31.mkv 4.88 GB
 Robotech.s01e32.mkv 4.83 GB
 Robotech.s01e33.mkv 5.15 GB
 Robotech.s01e34.mkv 5.22 GB
 Robotech.s01e35.mkv 5.23 GB
 Robotech.s01e36.mkv 5.24 GB

[zerocool] robotech season 2 and 3 with original audio


Niggews, as uwu may ow may nowt know i dont weawwy cawe im going tuwu teww uwu pedophiwe weebs wegawdwess, in the mid 2000s whewn adv hewped hawmony gowd wemastew the sewies they did a new 5.1 sound mix awnd we insewted sowme of the mowe wisque scenes wike minmay’s ass thawt didnt need new diawog wecowded but juwst extended music. As such the owiginaw bwoadcast audio fwom the wegacy set dvds wiww nowt sync with iwt without spwitting up the audio awnd insewting the new backgwound music. Which iws exactwy whawt i did. awso the owiginaw audio went in awnd out of sync even own the owiginaw bwoadcast mastews, good job 1980’s audio mixews. I didnt weawwy mess with thawt because iwt was the awtistic intent doncha know. so the owiginaw mono twack hewe wiww awso gow in awnd out of sync. if uwu dont wike iwt stowp being awive awnd kiww youwsewf 🙂 ow at weast mutiwate youw genitaws since its pwide month awnd we have tuwu be divewse.

video souwce: wobotech bwuway compwete cowwection

audio souwces: wobotech wegacy cowwection awnd the 5.1 ac3 cowe fwom the bwuway so uwu cawn expewience both mixes

stay fwesh cheese-bawags



robotech season 2 and 3


 Robotech s02e17.mkv 5.58 GB
 Robotech.s02e01.mkv 5.62 GB
 Robotech.s02e02.mkv 5.74 GB
 Robotech.s02e03.mkv 5.60 GB
 Robotech.s02e04.mkv 5.68 GB
 Robotech.s02e05.mkv 5.61 GB
 Robotech.s02e06.mkv 5.54 GB
 Robotech.s02e07.mkv 5.70 GB
 Robotech.s02e08 .mkv 5.60 GB
 Robotech.s02e09.mkv 5.62 GB
 Robotech.s02e10.mkv 5.59 GB
 Robotech.s02e11.mkv 5.46 GB
 Robotech.s02e12.mkv 5.61 GB
 Robotech.s02e13.mkv 5.68 GB
 Robotech.s02e14.mkv 5.66 GB
 Robotech.s02e15.mkv 5.61 GB
 Robotech.s02e16.mkv 5.57 GB
 Robotech.s02e18.mkv 5.61 GB
 Robotech.s02e19.mkv 5.52 GB
 Robotech.s02e20.mkv 5.64 GB
 Robotech.s02e21.mkv 5.55 GB
 Robotech.s02e22.mkv 5.93 GB
 Robotech.s02e23.mkv 5.87 GB
 Robotech.s02e24.mkv 5.83 GB
 Robotech.s03e01.mkv 5.41 GB
 Robotech.s03e02.mkv 5.46 GB
 Robotech.s03e03.mkv 5.54 GB
 Robotech.s03e04.mkv 5.57 GB
 Robotech.s03e05.mkv 5.52 GB
 Robotech.s03e06.mkv 5.46 GB
 Robotech.s03e07.mkv 5.37 GB
 Robotech.s03e08.mkv 5.37 GB
 Robotech.s03e09.mkv 5.47 GB
 Robotech.s03e10.mkv 5.41 GB
 Robotech.s03e11.mkv 5.39 GB
 Robotech.s03e12.mkv 5.43 GB
 Robotech.s03e13.mkv 5.44 GB
 Robotech.s03e14.mkv 5.45 GB
 Robotech.s03e15.mkv 5.47 GB
 Robotech.s03e16.mkv 5.45 GB
 Robotech.s03e17.mkv 5.39 GB
 Robotech.s03e18.mkv 5.52 GB
 Robotech.s03e19.mkv 5.52 GB
 Robotech.s03e20.mkv 5.29 GB
 Robotech.s03e21.mkv 5.49 GB
 Robotech.s03e22.mkv 5.35 GB
 Robotech.s03e23.mkv 5.40 GB
 Robotech.s03e24.mkv 5.41 GB
 Robotech.s03e25.mkv 5.54 GB


Robotech Remastered 1080P

Season 1