[GUIDE] Enable App Ops (Application Permissions)




While looking around at the decompiled SecSettings2.apk, I noticed that all of the App Ops (application permissions) stuff was still present. So, I decided to look for a way to enable the Settings menu option for Application Permissions.

The xml files all seemed to have the entries required to display the option, but the smali code was preventing it.

Note that there are apps in the store that will give you this feature, but this method doesn’t require an additional app and it uses the built-in settings menus.

I have not tested every permission, but I did disabled “location” for several apps and that worked perfectly.

This is an easy mod if you know how to decompile/recompile.

There are 2 ways to implement the Application Permissions menu option:

Method 1 (requires deodexed app and smali edit)

  1. Decompile the deodexed SecSettings2.apk.
  2. In the smali folder, navigate to comandroidsettingsLockscreenMenuSettings.smali
  3. Do a search for the following line:
    iget-object v14, v0, Lcom/android/settings/LockscreenMenuSettings;->mAppOpsSettings:Landroid/preference/Preference;
  4. Just after the first instance of that code, you will see:
    if-eqz v14, :cond_d
  5. Change it to:
    if-nez v14, :cond_d
  6. Save and recompile.
  7. You will find the “Application Permissions” menu under the “Lock screen and Security” settings menu (screenshot #1).

Method 2 (easier – can be either odexed or deodexed)

  1. Decompile SecSettings2.apk
  2. Open the res/xml/applications_settings_vzw.xml
  3. Insert the following code on a line right above “PreferenceCategory” near the bottom:
    <PreferenceScreen android:icon="@drawable/st_application_ic_application_permission" android:title="@string/app_ops_settings" android:key="app_ops_settings" android:fragment="com.android.settings.applications.AppOpsSummary" />
  4. Save and recompile.
  5. You will find the “Application Permissions” menu under the “Applications” settings menu. (screenshot #2)

Disclaimer: This is intended mainly for rom devs to use, but if you like making your own mods, then feel free to give it a try. I take no responsibility for any modifications you make to your device. Always ensure that you have the required files to restore if something goes wrong.



Some 20 days ago BTDigg went down and 2 days later the Tor website also went down.

There are alternatives, but most are riddled by ads and other nefarious things.

Strike Search was awesome for how long it lasted. (Source code is here, so could even run for each SickRage instance, but probably besides the scope. Imagine the speed of searches.)

The alternatives seem to be: (In no particular order, purposefully did not include links)

  • BTKitty (really bad with ads, only visit with adblock and noscript)
  • Kikibt (same, lots of ads and other nasty shit, use noscript and adblock)
  • TorrentProject (8.5 mil torrents they claim, seem to do DHT indexing too)
  • FastBot (They also say they index DHT)
  • BTDB (Seems like the best candidate, claims 62 mil torrents, only a couple of image ads on the results page)

Do you guys have any alternative in mind, if yes, which one is your favourite. I quite like the idea of running Strike locally, but I’m maybe a bit adventurous. It would need a DHT scraper though. The intellectual property for a different but similar project was claimed by the music industry in a lawsuit it seems, that might be why the scrapers were not released.)

BTDB seems easy enough to parse (plain HTML), it even provides a list of all included files.

Torrentz  https://torrentz.eu/

ExtraTorrent https://extratorrent.cc/

BitSnoop  https://bitsnoop.com/




Site comparison[edit]


The following table compares the features of some of the most popular BitTorrent websites; it is not comprehensive with regard to listing all of the popular BitTorrent trackers, especially private trackers.[2] The Alexa global ranking is accurate as of January 21, 2016.

Site Specialization Is a tracker Directory Public RSS One-click download Sortable Comments Multi-tracker index DHTsearch engine IgnoresDMCA Tor friendly Alexa Traffic Rank
Torrentz Search engine No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No[3] No 298[4]
ExtraTorrent[5] None No Yes Yes Yes No VIP only Yes No Yes No[6] No 311[7]
The Pirate Bay None No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes 368[8]
Rutracker None No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes[9] 427[10]
Nyaa Torrents Anime Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No  ? 494[11]
1337x[13] None No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No No[14] No 1,195[15]
Torrenthound[16] None No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No 2,374[17]
IPTorrents[18] None Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 3,307[19]
isoHunt None Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No[6] No 3,325[20]
YourBittorrent None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No[23] No 4,290[24]
BitSnoop[21] None No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes  ? No[6] No 4,294[22]
TorrentProject[25] Search engine No Yes[26] Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No[27] 4,718 [28]
Torlock[30] Verified torrents No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No[31] 9,221[32]
TorrentLeech[33] Scene releases Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No 9,526[34]
Rarbg None Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No 976[12]
Demonoid None No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes  ? No[35] Yes 10,047[36]
Empornium Pornography Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 10,145[37]
SevenTorrents[38] Movies No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No 16,226[39]
What.CD Music Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 12,783[40]
broadcasthe[42] Television shows Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No 13,395[43]
BTDigg DHT search engine No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes 13,420[41]
MovieMagnet[58] Movies No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No 146,730[59]
RevolutionTT[44] None Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 21,901[45]
Mininova Legally redistributable media No Yes Yes Yes[46] Yes Yes Yes No No No 23,485[47]
HDBits[48] Movies Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 23,573[49]
SceneAccess[50] Scene releases Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 27,786[51]
waffles.fm[52] Music Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No 41,953[53]
AnimeSuki Anime & otakusubculture[54] No Yes[55] Yes Yes Yes No No No No 45,061[56]
T411 None Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes  ? 5,735[29]
etree Live Concerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No 109,728[57]
OpenBitTorrent None Yes No Yes No No No No No No 424,489[60]
Site Specialization Is a tracker Directory Public RSS One click download Sortable Comments Multi-tracker index DHT search Ignores DMCA Tor friendly Alexa Traffic Rank

firefox addon:Magren magnet转bt种子插件


Magrent enables you to convert magnet links,torrent hashes and The Pirate Bay URLs to torrent files. It uses torrent storage services like Torrage.com for downloading torrent files.

This add-on is useful when you have the magnet URI and want the torrent file or when your are using sites like The Pirate Bay which only provide the magnet links.

Magnet/Hash context menu items

These items appear when you right-click on a magnet link or select a torrent info hash and then right-click.

“Download torrent file” will download the torrent from torrage.com(if the torrent is available). You can change the default torrent source from Preferences/Options.

“Open in Magrent panel” opens the magnet URI or hash in the panel and shows its download links.

The Pirate Bay context menu items

“Download torrent file” item is available for Pirate Bay torrent pages and links.

Magrent button and panel

Clicking on the add-on’s button will open a panel for converting magnet URIs, hashes and Pirate Bay URLs to torrent files. It checks your clipboard content and when it recognizes a magnet URI, hash or Pirate Bay URL, it will convert them automatically and show the download links.

Download links are from Torrage.com, Torcache.net, btcache.me and TheTorrent.org.

Torrent source for Pirate Bay URLs is Piratebaytorrents.info.


  • Piratebaytorrents.info is offline.
  • Since version 1.0.4, Zoink.ch has been removed. Because EZTV‘s domain names have been taken over by scammers.
  • Context-menu is now available in the panel, so items such as Save Link As and Copy Link Location can be used.
  • Most of the time you don’t need to click on the Convert button, because Magrent grabs and converts the magnet and hash automatically.
  • Torrents may not be available; More sources are provided so that you can try them if one source is down or doesn’t have the requested torrent file.

Please use the Support site or email for reporting bugs.


Pipelight – 让 Linux 原生 Chromium/Chrome 无缝支持 ActiveX 控件


工行网银, Silverlight, 支付宝控件, 放开那个 Windows 虚拟机, 让 Wine 上吧~




基本的原理是, 利用 Chrome 里已有的 npactivex (ActiveX for Chrome) 扩展, 配合 pipelight 提供的 npactivex NPAPI 插件, 将 ActiveX 控件本身用 wine 执行, 并且无缝地嵌入 Chrome 网页中.

因为此功能依然在活跃开发中 (今年 FOSDEM 2014 的一个碰撞产生的火花神马的), 稳定版本的 pipelight 暂时没有加入此功能. 大家如果想尝鲜的话, 我下面介绍一下 Arch Linux 里的安装测试方法 (暂时只针对 64 位测试用户哈):

2014/2/27 更新: 因为 pipelight 0.2.5 已经添加了 npactivex 插件, 不再需要手动安装 -git 的版本了.
1. 添加来自 pipelight 的第三方源到 /etc/pacman.conf:

Server = http://repos.fds-team.de/stable/arch/$arch

2. 添加并授权 pipelight 开发者的软件包签名 PGP key:

sudo pacman-key -r E49CC0415DC2D5CA
sudo pacman-key --lsign-key E49CC0415DC2D5CA

3. 安装 pipelight:

sudo pacman -Sy pipelight

4. 解锁 pipelight 的 npactivex 插件:

sudo pipelight-plugin --unlock npactivex

看到 “Plugin npactivex is now unlocked” 即为解锁成功.

5. 启用 npactivex 插件

sudo pipelight-plugin --enable npactivex

看到 “Plugin npactivex is now enabled” 即为解锁成功.

6. 启动 chrome 浏览器,打开 chrome://plugins, 应该可以看到以下内容:

ActiveX hosting plugin for NPAPI
ActiveX hosting plugin for NPAPI r37
Name: ActiveX hosting plugin for NPAPI
Description: ActiveX hosting plugin for NPAPI r37
Location: /usr/lib/pipelight/libpipelight-npactivex.so
MIME types:
MIME type Description File extensions
application/x-itst-activex ActiveX (*.ocx)
application/activex-manager ActiveXManager


Pipelight Error (npactivex)!
Something went wrong, check the terminal output

请从终端打开 chromium/google-chrome, 观察终端出错日志.

7. 安装需要的 ActiveX 控件. 下面以工行控件为例:

7.1. 下载工行网银控件安装包:

wget http://www.icbc.com.cn/icbc/html/download/dkq/icbc_netbank_client_controls.exe

7.2. 安装 mfc42 运行库:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-pipelight winetricks -q mfc42

7.3. 安装:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-pipelight wine icbc_netbank_client_controls.exe

故障排除: 运行

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-pipelight wine uninstaller --list

如果输出包含以下内容就说明安装成功了, 否则说明以上某一步出错了


8. 安装 np-activex extension:

扩展可以从 Chrome Web Store 直接安装, 地址:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/activex-for-chrome/lgllffgicojgllpmdbemgglaponefajn/related (打不开请翻墙哦 :D)

9. 设置 np-activex extension:

打开 chrome://chrome/extensions, 点击 “ActiveX for Chrome” 旁边的 “选项” (Options), 浏览到 “ICBC工商银行” 所在的条目, 将”已禁用”改为”已启用”.

10. 用 Chrome 打开 https://mybank.icbc.com.cn/icbc/perbank/index.jsp 应该可以正常登陆工行网银了 :D


支付宝控件的安装过程基本一样 (注意不要漏掉设置 WINEPREFIX 哦), 不过在 npactivex extension 的设置界面并没有 Alipay 的选项. 分享一下我测试成功的规则哈:

Mode: WildChar
Pattern: https://*.alipay.com/*
User Agent: MSIE9
Other helper scripts: dynamic ieevent

最后, 感谢 Pipelight 项目. Pipelight 项目是两位德国的大学生发起的项目, 因最初目标是在浏览器里无缝支持 Silverlight 而得名. 如果你愿意表达对他们的感谢, 可以到以下链接为他们赠送 kudo:


感谢 npactivex 项目. npactivex 项目的开发者是 Chuan Qiu, 如果你愿意表达对他的感谢, 可以向他捐赠, 链接是 http://code.google.com/p/np-activex/wiki/Donations

感谢 Wine 项目以及 Wine 项目背后的CodeWeavers公司, 如果你愿意表达对他们的感谢, 可以购买商业版的 CrossOver 支持他们继续为 Wine 做出更多贡献:http://www.codeweavers.com/ 如果有足够多的用户要求, CrossOver 会集成 pipelight 解决方案, 方便更多 Linux 用户 :3

附安装 -git 版本的旧方法:

1. 安装源里的 mingw-w64 组, 全选安装

2. 安装 AUR/pipelight-git, 需要修改 PKGBUILD 的一些部分:

– 删除依赖 mingw-w32-bin
– 在 ./configure 这一行末尾添加 –win32-static

3. 完成安装, pipelight-git 的 wine-browser-installer 和 wine-silverlight 两个依赖也来自 AUR.


via:  http://blog.felixc.at/2014/02/pipelight-let-linux-native-chromium-chrome-support-activex-seamlessly/