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BT 磁力搜索引擎torrent search engine 2018 年大面积和谐,很多出现已重置的都是被和谐了。本文将会持续更新在中国能正常使用的 Magnet search engine




知名 bt 种子磁力搜索引擎

飞客 BT

BT 包菜


BT 快搜


69MAG 磁力

老牌知名的18+ BT磁力搜索引擎

老牌知名的18+ BT磁力搜索引擎

老牌知名的18+ BT磁力搜索引擎
这是一个曾经叱咤风云的网站,Nyaa Torrents 是一个侧重于东亚(日本、中国及韩国)多媒体资源的 BT 站点。它也是世界上最大的动漫专用种子索引站。非常有名,一手动漫 bt,另外一手是 18+ bt。比 TorrentKitty 还鼻祖。动漫
知名的18+ BT磁力搜索引擎
BTDigg – p2p种子搜索器,BT种子搜索神器,磁力链接搜索网站 is a BitTorrent DHT internet searcher. DHT is a convention for seeking hubs which convey a torrent. BTDigg gives a BitTorrent document sharing convention; is a record with metadata which depicts disseminated content. BTDigg isn’t a tracker and does not store any substance and just gathers torrent metadata (for instance file names and document sizes) and a magnet interface (torrent identifier). This implies BTDigg is the totally lawful framework. Notwithstanding lawfulness, BTDigg offers two critical properties: unicity and decentralization. Unicity means that BTDigg is the first arrangement of its sort and there are nothing analogs yet. Decentralization of BTDigg offers the opportunity to look in the entire “torrent” space outside and within trackers (aside from private trackers). DHT clients shape BTDigg’s database. BTDigg partakes in the DHT organize and takes after the DHT convention determination.

1. Torrentking

Torrentking is a torrent seek site. Torrentking can oversee and also spare a few quests, so you don’t lose your hunt advance. It in a split second revives indexed lists on a timetable, that you are just ready to alter. Torrentking may likewise oversee programmed successive downloads ideal for week after week TV appears. Torrentking permits you to download your most sought tunes, video cuts; Television seems applications or programming…
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2. Vertor

VerTor is a new site that reworks the concept of torrenting. Most torrent search engines simply track and list as many public torrents as they can find.  VerTor first downloads and scans any potential torrent to make sure it doesn’t have any spyware, malware, or viruses.  If the file is a video, VerTor will take a set of screenshots as well, so you can verify it is what you are…
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3. TorrentRover

TorrentRover is an application created to help you discover torrents from your program and scan numerous sites for a similar thing. With this apparatus, you can filter all the well-known torrent web search tools in the meantime and find what you’re searching for in a much less complicated and quicker way. If anything, its GUI format showcases the correct inverse. It’s involved a simple to make out symbol and menu…
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4. Demonoid

Demonoid is a prominent BitTorrent tracker and site that incorporates document sharing related discourse gatherings and a searchable list for the tracker. The site has experienced discontinuous times of stretched out downtime because of the infrequent need to move the server, for the most part, brought on by the cancellation of ISP administration because of neighborhood political weight. Demonoid highlights RSS with various encourages for each of its torrent classifications…
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5. Invite Scene

BitTorrent is a P2P client which permits clients to associate straightforwardly to each other to send and get parts of a record through a focal server called a “tracker”. The tracker itself does not contain or transmit any data relating to the real substance. It just facilitates and oversees associations between companions. Welcome Scene is the biggest group for private torrent welcomes. The clients purchase, offer, exchange and share selective…
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6. Treetorrent

Treetorrent is a huge torrent site with meta-scan for the torrent. This site is instantly posting the most well-known torrent websites, for example, The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent, Torrentz, IsoHunt and KickassTorrent (KAT). Treetorrent site permits its client to look and downloads the torrent records. The site incorporates the movies, audio, video games, television shows, cartoons and numerous other torrent files. Treetorrent has a substantial database and discover a broad range…
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7. BTJunkie

It fundamentally is a program that you can use to seek and download different sorts of documents from torrent trackers through the record sharing system known as P2P. BTJunkie makes accessible to its clients a brought together database of torrents from more than 450 destinations. The joined size of these torrents surpasses 1.5 petabytes. The very way of BitTorrent downloading itself is decentralized. A client is not confined to downloading…
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8. NowTorrents

NowTorrents is another ongoing web search tool for torrents. It examines the biggest torrent sources on the web and presents to you the top results from these sites. It appears to be very like already profiled torrent web indexes, Youtorrent and Pizzatorrent. The main contrast is that NowTorrents cases to bring you just the torrents that work and sift through the fake ones. In spite of the fact that NowTorrents…
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9. TorrentProject

TorrentProject is a spotless, quick and exact web crawler for BitTorrent records. It files just openly followed torrents from different sources. Gathering, looking torrents and confirming torrent information from BitTorrent DHT arrange, The Pirate Bay and more than 300 other torrent websites. is a torrent internet searcher. Like Google yet only for torrents. Presently 6405093 torrents are recorded. Consistently new torrents are included and old torrents with 0 seeders…
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10. ScrapeTorrent

Despite the fact, there are a lot of websites offering free data in the large category, and there are a lot of download manager that can be used to bring down these data into the system, the internet users still like to use the torrent system to get the data because of originality of data. ScrapeTorrent is such type of site over the internet that is said to be one…